Friday, April 27, 2007

Editing blogs and online stories

Here is another challenge for news rooms -- editing blogs and stories sent right to the online editions.

Here's an excerpt:

"Copy editors usually ask a lot of questions. But this past weekend, at the annual American Copy Editors Society convention, those questions weren't just about sloppy copy. They were about how copy editors fit into a newsroom where breaking stories are posted online first.

Those questions come at a time when copy editors are stretched thin. When their work is being outsourced to India, China and the Philippines. And when they're largely an afterthought in the process of posting content online."

You can read the rest of the story by clicking here.


Friday, April 20, 2007

Poynter reveals reading habits

The Poynter Institute has a long tradition of doing ground-breaking research. The latest is Eyetrack07, the fourth of their eyetracking projects over the past 16 years. They went to four cities (Denver, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, and St. Petersburg) to look at the patterns of reading in broadsheet, tabloid, and on- screen publications. In all, 600 participants (200 for each of the media) were tested.

On April 10-12, the Poynter Institute held a conference - "EyeTrack07 – Discover Its Power" - billed as a pre-publication party (the book of findings is being edited by Dr. Pegie Stark Adam and is due out in June). Attendees included the vast team involved in the project, the news organizations that collaborated with them, and editors, researchers, and media consultants who hoped to find actionable insights from the findings. Click here to read the entire story.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The 7 Deadline Copy Editing Sins

All copy editors strive to be perfect. Right? Well, everyone's human. To be the perfect copy editor, take note of the following "deadly sins" as enumerated by veteran copy editor, desk supervisor and newsroom manager Anne Glover. Avoid them and you'll be a shining star on the desk. Click here to read about the following sinly actions.

1. Arrogance.
2. Assumptions.
3. Sloppiness.
4. Indifference.
5. Ignorance.
6. Laziness.
7. Inflexibility.

Handling User Comments on the Shootings

Web sites for The Roanoke Times and several national news organizations were swamped by user comments on the shootings. Here's how they dealt with it. Click here.